I don’t post referrals unless I really believe in a person or company.  I have my own company and must purchase health insurance for my son and me.  The big companies offered in Fulton County were well over $1200 for minimal coverage.  One negative issue was that I had to use their doctors. 

I tried a Health Share non-insurance company and although it was cheaper, I had issues with it as well.  Then I found Stephen Weinberger.   

Stephen represents the traditional insurance plans but recommended to me the same plan he is on – a multi plan.  After much nervousness and annoying the hell out of Stephen with my concerns I signed up,  🙂  and so far, so good!   I have had all my doc visits covered with no issues!   The best part is I pay half the price of the traditional plans! 

If you are self employed or need a plan, I highly recommend you talk to Stephen.  He will even meet you in person to go over the plans.  You can reach out to him here or msg me for his info and an introduction.  Tell him I sent you, so I get my island vacation!  (Joke between Stephen and I…ha)  I know he is a registered agent in Georgia and Florida and other states so ask if you don’t live in either of those.

S Knerler

I just wanted to stop and let you know about an insurance situation that happened this year that I was quite surprised at how it turned out. 

My son was in a judo wrestling tournament and landed on his elbow.  Needless to say, he ended up needing surgery.  It totaled around $40,000.  With the layering of insurance we have, I don’t think I was out of pocket over $500. 

Between what Philadelphia American paid and the negotiated rates between the doctors and insurance company, it ended up being a very positive situation.  I was very happy with the outcome.

C Martin

It brings me great joy to share the exceptional experience I had with Mr. Stephen Weinberger, Health Insurance Doctor and Broker. I was in the market for health insurance and needed to be hugely educated on the multiple plans, coverages, premiums, etc. that exist in today’s health industry.

I first learned of Mr. Weinberger via a segment on an Atlanta show titled, Atlanta & Co, which airs on channel 11Alive. During this segment, Mr. Weinberger simply stated that he had a plan for everyone and at every price point. He even asserted that he would make house calls to discuss his plans and the consumer’s health needs. Even though several months would have passed between the time the segment aired and the day I contacted Mr. Weinberger, everything Mr. Weinberger stated on Atlanta & Company was reiterated to me via the phone call not to mention the actual face-to-face meeting. Upon my suggestion, our meeting was conducted at a local Starbucks opposed to my home and lasted for several hours only because I continuously asked Mr. Weinberger a ton of questions.

Mr. Weinberger was extremely patient and supportive of my endless questions and concerns. Equally notable of Mr. Weinberger’s character, he also demonstrated exceptional professionalism, knowledge, customer service and people skills. Provided you are in the market for health insurance or interested in learning how you could save hundreds of dollars monthly on health insurance AND receive even BETTER coverage, I, a 100% satisfied client, ask that you please contact Mr. Weinberger at STEPHEN@HEALTHINSURANCEDOCTOR.NET or at 678.523.0759.

I can assure you that you will walk away from your meeting with Stephen happily smiling knowing you made the BEST possible health decisions for you and your family AND you get to add possibly hundreds of more dollars back into your pocket monthly!

L Leaphart

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